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The Self Publishing Industry Has a Terrible Reputation

Here at THIRSTY CAMEL we are not a traditional publishing company, a vanity publisher, or a hybrid.

We proudly are a Publishing Partnership.

The self-publishing industry has a terrible reputation. We are aware of the horror stories of “take the money and run schemes,” having fallen victim to one ourselves in the past. It left such a sour taste, we committed to doing something about it. Like you, we too are authors, creators, and dreamers.

We recognized the opportunity for someone with character and integrity to take away some of the frustration and confusion associated with the process of book creation.

At THIRSTY CAMEL our mission is to offer a solution, a positive option, and a unique and exciting resource for new and existing authors without having to constantly look over their shoulder to protect themselves.

Here, we are a few folks who believe in helping people move their dream along by having a book see the light of day for a reasonable price.

We provide a service just like a pool company, a real estate agent, or an auto repair shop. With any of these, you can certainly save money and do the work yourself. We will tell you this upfront in our initial conversation.

For those who would rather hire a professional, we are here and take tremendous pride in what we do for a living. Fifty years in the industry says so.
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As Simple As One, Two, Thank-You!

Share Your Dream

We meet with you to hear all about your ideas for the book. This is where you share your thoughts about it, your inspirations for it, and the customer base you are seeking to appeal to. Together we compile your ideas while tossing around a few of our own. We design a strategy with you to make your book become a reality, and how to give it some legs for future sales. This is a fun conversation where we get to know you! This page is used for listing the services offered by your company.

Edit Your Dream

This begins the fun part of the process! Once you have sent us the file, your book will receive thorough editing. Depending on the amount your book needs, this can be very detailed in terms of re-write or minor tweaking sentences and tightening up punctuation and grammatical errors. Each author has different needs and writing backgrounds; we understand this. .

Format Your Dream

Each book has a unique feel to it in terms of content, theme, tone, emotion, and flow. The formatting process for yours in terms of making certain it represents you-the author, is very important. Together we discuss a lot of how you want your masterpiece to look in print form, right down to the most minor of details. At the end of this step, your book takes on a new life. One step closer!

Cover Your Dream

Cover design is so important to messaging. Here is where we work with you in terms of idea generation and theme to be sure the cover of your book stands out among the crowd and delivers exactly what you were hoping for in terms of layout, graphics, font, and overall design. Once this is done, you may get a jump on your marketing and promotion in advance of the book launch.

Launch Your Dream

Your book has been delivered; now what? We will have a coaching call to review your strategies for marketing the book. On our end, it will be featured on our website and sent out on our mailing list for additional exposure.

Market Your Dream

This is where the fun begins. We work with you to discuss your needs for letting the world know about your masterpiece!. We are also a comprehensive graphic design house so we have the ability to customize the vision to your needs. As part of our relationship with you, we feature your book in our newsletter, on our website, social media, and whatever other methods we have available at the time.

No Suits, No Ties - Just Us

Aric H. Morrison

Team Member

Aric H. is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning author, an international writer, and a multimedia personality. He is the founder of Adversity Rockstar. A business where he uses his platform to inspire, motivate, and change lives via his stage speaking, writing, blogs, books, podcast, and frequent co-host radio appearances.
 Aric also has twenty five years experience as an executive in the business world for several Fortune 100 corporations as well.

Peter Woodaman

Team Member

Peter Woodaman has 40 plus years in the graphic world, owning printing, marketing and advertising agencies. A printing specialist, Woodaman is publisher of a respected award winning trade magazine, "Rug Insider Magazine" in which he founded 26 years ago.

Pauline Harris


Pauline Harris is a professional freelance editor and the author of seven published novels. She holds a BA in English Writing with an emphasis on editing and publishing. As an author herself, her emphasis is on compassionate editing, and she has a passion for helping her authors succeed.



Hello! My name is Manfred and I am the proud founder and owner of Thirsty Camel Publishing. It is my distinct pleasure to offer you our services. My needs are simple, but yours are a lot more complex as they relate to seeing your book become a reality. It is why I have Peter and Aric and the team by my side to help you! Let's do this!

No!  Do your homework here when shopping around.
At Thirsty Camel, we NEVER take ownership to the rights of your manuscript. At no point in time, are you ever without having the ability of fully owning all rights to your work.

Many, many places will hold the rights for a year or more before you can even access the files to your work. Only then are you charged another fee to regain access to the rights to your book.

We create the book for you, and delivered it in several formats back.
No hidden scenerios here. 
We are in the relationship business. Our names are read all over the world publicly; without our reputations, we would not have the successes realized from a lifetime of interacting with customers and delivering quality work. We stand by our principles of honesty and integrity in all we do.
There are many layers to delivering comprehensive work regarding book design. Though we cannot guarantee a set delivery date, we believe a reasonable timetable is 60-90 days on average. We want your book to see the world as much as we do, but not at the expense of quality, ever!
At Thirsty Camel, we do our best to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience for you in terms of seeing your book become a reality. Though we do not create any marketing campaigns per se, we showcase our authors on our website, newsletter, sponsored book signing events, and other avenues we have available at the time of release.
We can create an author website for an additional fee to allow our authors to shine on their own too!
To possibly do it cheaper, you have two options:
You certainly can take time learning, making mistakes, and gambling on the outcome to be the highest class and quality to meet your expectations. You are on your own.

Another option for you is to parcel out several chunks of the book publishing process. With each entity that touches your project, you are at the mercy of their quality, work ethic, and dependability. There is also hardly any time to establish a relationship of trust.

At Thirsty Camel, we make it easy for you to focus your energies on selling rather than creating. We believe in continuity from start to finish. One company, one set of expectations, one business to meet your expectations, and one heck of a fun experience!

Here, you become an integral part of the process and, subsequently, part of our long-term community.

Without you, there is no us. Period.
Absolutely! Once you become a part of our community, you are entitled to discounted services in the future.
Reach out to us via telephone or e-mail. From there, we schedule an informal no-cost meeting to discuss your project, needs, and timing.

We can produce whatever you need to market and promote your book. There is separate fee for this, but know we are professional design company. 

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It cost nothing to reach on out and let us know how frustrated you are getting your book ready for the world to read. We can make you smile again, it is a promise!