The Self Publishing Industry Has a Terrible Reputation

Here at THIRSTY CAMEL we are not a traditional publishing company, a vanity publisher, or a hybrid.

We proudly are a Publishing Partnership.

The self-publishing industry has a terrible reputation. We are aware of the horror stories of “take the money and run schemes,” having fallen victim to one ourselves in the past. It left such a sour taste, we committed to doing something about it. Like you, we too are authors, creators, and dreamers.

We recognized the opportunity for someone with character and integrity to take away some of the frustration and confusion associated with the process of book creation.

At THIRSTY CAMEL our mission is to offer a solution, a positive option, and a unique and exciting resource for new and existing authors without having to constantly look over their shoulder to protect themselves.

Here, we are a few folks who believe in helping people move their dream along by having a book see the light of day for a reasonable price.

We provide a service just like a pool company, a real estate agent, or an auto repair shop. With any of these, you can certainly save money and do the work yourself. We will tell you this upfront in our initial conversation.

For those who would rather hire a professional, we are here and take tremendous pride in what we do for a living. Fifty years in the industry says so.
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