As Simple As One, Two, Thank-You!

Share Your Dream

We meet with you to hear all about your ideas for the book. This is where you share your thoughts about it, your inspirations for it, and the customer base you are seeking to appeal to. Together we compile your ideas while tossing around a few of our own. We design a strategy with you to make your book become a reality, and how to give it some legs for future sales. This is a fun conversation where we get to know you! This page is used for listing the services offered by your company.

Edit Your Dream

This begins the fun part of the process! Once you have sent us the file, your book will receive thorough editing. Depending on the amount your book needs, this can be very detailed in terms of re-write or minor tweaking sentences and tightening up punctuation and grammatical errors. Each author has different needs and writing backgrounds; we understand this. .

Format Your Dream

Each book has a unique feel to it in terms of content, theme, tone, emotion, and flow. The formatting process for yours in terms of making certain it represents you-the author, is very important. Together we discuss a lot of how you want your masterpiece to look in print form, right down to the most minor of details. At the end of this step, your book takes on a new life. One step closer!

Cover Your Dream

Cover design is so important to messaging. Here is where we work with you in terms of idea generation and theme to be sure the cover of your book stands out among the crowd and delivers exactly what you were hoping for in terms of layout, graphics, font, and overall design. Once this is done, you may get a jump on your marketing and promotion in advance of the book launch.

Launch Your Dream

Your book has been delivered; now what? We will have a coaching call to review your strategies for marketing the book. On our end, it will be featured on our website and sent out on our mailing list for additional exposure.

Market Your Dream

This is where the fun begins. We work with you to discuss your needs for letting the world know about your masterpiece!. We are also a comprehensive graphic design house so we have the ability to customize the vision to your needs. As part of our relationship with you, we feature your book in our newsletter, on our website, social media, and whatever other methods we have available at the time.