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Aric H. Morrison

Team Member

Aric H. is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning author, an international writer, and a multimedia personality. He is the founder of Adversity Rockstar. A business where he uses his platform to inspire, motivate, and change lives via his stage speaking, writing, blogs, books, podcast, and frequent co-host radio appearances.
 Aric also has twenty five years experience as an executive in the business world for several Fortune 100 corporations as well.

Peter Woodaman

Team Member

Peter Woodaman has 40 plus years in the graphic world, owning printing, marketing and advertising agencies. A printing specialist, Woodaman is publisher of a respected award winning trade magazine, "Rug Insider Magazine" in which he founded 26 years ago.

Pauline Harris


Pauline Harris is a professional freelance editor and the author of seven published novels. She holds a BA in English Writing with an emphasis on editing and publishing. As an author herself, her emphasis is on compassionate editing, and she has a passion for helping her authors succeed.



Hello! My name is Manfred and I am the proud founder and owner of Thirsty Camel Publishing. It is my distinct pleasure to offer you our services. My needs are simple, but yours are a lot more complex as they relate to seeing your book become a reality. It is why I have Peter and Aric and the team by my side to help you! Let's do this!